Yay for Friday!

This week was crazy busy. I finished my big push and was able to get everything done. I made some new things for my shop, (soon to be listed) my good twitter buddy, @nycvictory told me I should stock up my store a little more. I am taking her advice. She has tons of pretty things in her shop, check her out at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/customcreative

The best news this week was my first sale since reopening my shop! It is amazing the boost in self-esteem a sale will give you. I shipped these pretties to a customer along with a little surprise.

First Sale

First Sale

A gift with the sale

I am also participating in a large consignment sale this weekend. There was quite a bit of bagging and tagging going on. Plus making sure everything was clean and free of stains. For an extra challenge the power went out on me while I was doing all of this. Good thing I have plenty of candles! I am pretty tired though. Working by candlelight is not the best working environment. I am hoping to make some good pocket change for my items. I am planning a Disneyland trip and am saving up so I can afford everything we want to do while visiting.
This weekend will consist of soccer and crafting. I am hoping to get some miscellaneous painting done this weekend. And I have some linens I want to dye or fade, I haven’t decided yet. I also have a new muumuu and am tossing around ideas for an upcycle project.

have a wonderful weekend! ~laura j


A Long Week, eBay and How I Put Some Things on Consignment

Last week I shared that I was a bit under the weather. I am happy to report I am finally starting to get back to normal, though I am still unusually tired.

This week eBay has a promotion where you can list several items for free! I took advantage and it looks like some of my cast-offs will soon have new homes. Yay, more space and money for me! If you have time and stuff taking up space this might be something you may want to look into. Free listings? What do you have to lose? I will add that I used the eBay app for the iphone and it was way easier than using my computer ever was. You just snap the photos with your phone, type up your description and list. I’m not sure if android has this same type of app but I would be surprised if they did not.

On to the last part of what I have been up to. My mother makes some fabulous jewelry and I had her send me some to see how it would sell in sunny California instead of Idaho. (not to imply that Idaho is never sunny 😉 )




I took the pieces and an inventory sheet into a local consignment shop, told the shop owner the terms and she agreed to take my items for a 30% commission. Easy peasy, right? Well, not so much. First, she never merchandised my earrings. She left them in the baggies and dumped them in a teacup where they were not so noticeable. Then when I went to pick up my unsold items she shorted me $5.00 and my most expensive item was not in the box instead another vendors necklace was in it’s place. I brought this to her attention, gave the necklace back and she said she would get back to me. She texted me a message saying she sold the necklace and had some money for me. Now the problem is that the money she has for me is way less than what it should be. Grrr. Consigning your handmade goods does not seem to be as easy as I had initially thought. Even so, I think I will hunt for a new location and try again. Anyone have any advice?