MuuMuu Monday – Part 2.

First off I would like to say sorry I am so bad at blogging. I think I tried to do a post everyday and that was a bit much for me and my busy lifestyle. Then a high school graduation happened, then a long road trip, then keeping up my eBay store and on and on. I know, I know, everyone is busy. I just think I needed to figure out how to recharge and keep from burning out. So, I have decided that for now I am not going to try to post just to post. There. I feel better now. On to the next thing, because I have not stopped upcycling, redoing and crafting…

Part 2 of my muumuu upcycle. So wayyyyy back when I first started writing I posted about a muumuu I found at the thrift shop. I still have tons of fabric left over and I had some jeans that I no longer felt comfortable wearing in public so I thought I would try my hand at embroidery and patching them. I love how they turned out! And it was so easy to do. Just a little time consuming. The bird was probably the toughest because of the shape. This was a two evening project in front of the tv. easy peasy.

The Muumuu

The Muumuu

Close up of fabric from muumuu

Close up of fabric from muumuu

Holey jeans

Holey jeans

And for the finished look- taa-dah!!!





Finally Friday!

I am so happy that it is Friday! This week flew by and I am hoping to get some much needed cleaning out of the way. I am also looking forward to memorizing some basic code for my site. I had so many great posts but was unable to get my content to show up properly. I was able to update a new page: my blogroll! Here you will find the blogs I enjoying reading on a daily basis. A good blog can really make my day.

Sometime this weekend I am hoping to take time to go to the beach. We live close to Santa Cruz. Here is a snapshot.

Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun

Here we are in April and it is still Sweater Weather

The sun has been making a small appearance here and there but it is just not enough for me to ditch my cozy sweaters and wraps. I live in central California and it should be warmer by now. The lack of warmth has me painting my new project a sunny yellow. My etsy searches are full of words like “French”, “yellow” and “blue”. My pinterest searches have been mostly about fruit and positive sayings. I guess I will just have to be patient.

Anyhow, I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning around the house and am in the process of weeding through all my clothing. I have kept plenty of things that are out of style or do not fit because I keep thinking I will make something out of them. This sweater is a good example. I have been holding on to it for, well, I probably shouldn’t say…


This week I ripped the stitches out and cut it up. I made an infinity scarf of sorts. It isn’t a long one that you can double wrap; there just was not enough sweater to do that. I thought about combining another sweater or material with it but did not like anything mixed with it. Here is how it turned out.


Now I can be cozy without overheating and I do not have the sweater taking up room in my house anymore.

Thanks for stopping by~ lauraj

Quick Upgrade

Another weekend has come and gone. I hope you had a nice weekend. It was nice and sunny for us and we enjoyed getting out and about. I was sorry to see the weekend go. My youngest was happy though, he had a long awaited field trip today. He told me he was hoping the trip would be really far away so he could be on the bus for a long time.

Now for the quick upgrade. My son had a plain blue button up shirt that needed a little more oomph. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby to pick out an iron on patch and we were on our way to a quick change.  Sorry about the drastic color change.  What can I say, the sun came out to play finally!


This is now one of his favorite shirts to wear. Ordinarily he would grab a t-shirt but the addition of a military style iron on is enough to make him want to wear this shirt often.


Have a great day! ~ lauraj

The Muumuu Project – Part 1

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was filled with The Sound of Music, literally. My youngest watched The Sound of Music with me and sang “My Favorite Things” all weekend long. Such a great movie! My son asked if anyone had ever redone the movie and I looked at him with shock. I don’t think anyone could redo this movie, ever. They should just re-release it in theaters every ten years or so.

On Friday I said I would be sharing an upcyle of a huge muumuu I bought. I am going to have to share in two posts. The original project needed something extra that I did not have on hand so a trip to JoAnne fabrics is on the roster for today. I did manage to get something else made out of the dress. I am super excited about how it turned out…

A clutch! I love a little clutch instead of a big purse for times when I am just running into the store or am out at a market. I like to keep my essential cards, some change and a lip balm in mine. I have enough material left over to make another one.

Here is the before:

The Muumuu

The Muumuu

Here is the after:

Have a great Monday ~ lauraj