Happy Halloween Eve

Or would it be “Happy Eve of Halloween”? I’m not sure. All I know is that I have two more boxes to spray paint green for my son’s costume. And I’m not feeling well. And it is not the best spray painting weather. Oh well. I think his costume will be pretty straightforward…a bunch of green boxes so he can look like the green monster thing in this picture (creeper):

Just in case you don’t know about Minecraft, it is a PC game that consumes the minds of young children and teens. I think of it as a virtual Lego world, except there are monsters. They get to build and buy things for a heavily pixelated game. Don’t let the graphics fool you though, it is a pretty well designed game. My son tells me it is educational, he is learning how money works. I’m not sure about that one but he likes the game and as long as he is doing well in school I let him play it.

If it is a failure we still have a homemade Max (from Where the Wild Things Are) costume or a homemade Waldo costume. However, my child has already been both of these in previous years and wore both of these to Halloween parties this year. That means it is crunch time. I just hope our boxes work out and that it doesn’t rain on Halloween.
Anyone else doing a last minute costume crafting project?


Fall Snapshots

A view of the orchard

A view of the orchard

Peach Raspberry pie

Peach Raspberry pie

Playing on the tractor

Playing on the tractor

Antique Merry-go-round

Antique Merry-go-round

The weather in California was beautiful this past weekend. We decided to take advantage of the great weather and go to a nearby apple farm. Even though we missed the window for picking your own apples we still had a great time. They had a little antique store and I found something sweet for my mom. We ate pie with a huge scoop of ice cream and found some goodies in the store. My son had a blast climbing on hay bales and playing on an antique tractor while I watched and took in the sunshine and fresh air. I’m thinking a return visit is in order in the next couple of weeks.

Labor Day Weekend


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I hope everyone had a nice break over the weekend. I do sympathize with those that had to work. I spent many years working in retail and never had a three day weekend. Anyhow, this was a great weekend of … Continue reading

A little of this, a little of that

Today my little guy had a soccer game. It was an afternoon game and the weather was so nice. After I needed to buy some chalk paint so we took a little trip to nearby Willow Glen in San Jose. I have never been downtown before and it was so cute! Here are some snapshots of what we saw.



And for lunch, Pizza my Heart. Seriously the best pizza ever 🙂


Hope you are having a great weekend! ~ lauraj

A Bad Beginning…

This past week or so has not gone according to plan. At all. First my iPhone died and I lost ALL my data. Then I contracted some awful food poisoning. I can only guess food poisoning because my youngest is fine. Although we ate all the same foods…

Anyhow, I have barely had enough energy to get out of my bed these last few days and have realized my youngest child, who is eight, is fairly helpless when it comes to feeding himself. After shouting directions for how to use the toaster to cook frozen waffles I have come to the conclusion that once I am better I need to cook a meal with him at least once a week so he can carry on should this happen again.

Before I became ill I started working on a mail center revamp. You know, those letter holder organizer things. I’m hoping to have pictures of it up later this week.


Spring Break

Do you have any plans for Spring Break? My kids have Spring Break coming up fast and it is looking more like a working vacation. These means I will be working and they will be vacationing from school. I am hoping that my youngest can get his multiplication facts nailed down during the break so he doesn’t have to fight with division, fractions and, duh, multiplication. My eldest wants to hang out with his friends over the break which concerns me since they are 18 year old boys that like to live fast. I wish I could take a vacation somewhere cool but I have a trip planned in May and I cannot take too much time off from work right now. Sigh. You got to love the rat race. Okay, before this post gets too whiney I thought I would share some of the cool pages I have been looking at for Spring Break inspiration.

Multiplication help


Advice for Teens


Spring Break Destinations for Families (I can dream, right?)


Have a great evening! ~lauraj

Quick Upgrade

Another weekend has come and gone. I hope you had a nice weekend. It was nice and sunny for us and we enjoyed getting out and about. I was sorry to see the weekend go. My youngest was happy though, he had a long awaited field trip today. He told me he was hoping the trip would be really far away so he could be on the bus for a long time.

Now for the quick upgrade. My son had a plain blue button up shirt that needed a little more oomph. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby to pick out an iron on patch and we were on our way to a quick change.  Sorry about the drastic color change.  What can I say, the sun came out to play finally!


This is now one of his favorite shirts to wear. Ordinarily he would grab a t-shirt but the addition of a military style iron on is enough to make him want to wear this shirt often.


Have a great day! ~ lauraj