Photography & Phones

I have a great camera at home. I like taking it to sporting events and taking action photos. That has been my claim to fame is that I can catch some awesome action shots. What I need to work on are the close up shots, the arty shots and still shots. I should be practicing or taking a class. Instead I find myself leaving my bulky camera at home and taking pictures with my iPhone. Even when I’m at home I find myself taking pictures with my phone. Sad, I know. At least on the iPhone I can apply different filters without using Photoshop. Then again, I know I lose clarity on my photo when I do this.

Bottom line- I know I need to learn how to use the functions on my camera so I take better photos. I love taking pictures but I am not always happy with the results. Perhaps a photography class is in order? I don’t have time for a class right now but a few bloggers I follow have posted tips that I can use. Maybe it can be a substitute for a class? 😉


Have a wonderful weekend! ~lauraj


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