Strawberry Rhubarb Smoothie’s & Preserving Summer



fruit milk base

Finished ProductIt is getting cold now. I cannot believe we are in October! It seems like summer was just the other day. Darn. I like sweater weather but I miss all the fresh fruits that summer brings. Especially strawberries.

I live in an area where strawberries are harvested, packaged and shipped to far away places. These same farms let people pick the fresh berries by the bucketful. It is great. The kids like to walk around the fields and find the fattest, juiciest strawberry. They stop and hold the berry over their heads, shouting to the rest of us about their amazing find. It is really hard to not eat the berries before we get home.

This summer I decided I would try to savor summer all year by making my own berry base for smoothies. I picked up some fresh strawberries and rhubarb. I chopped up the rhubarb and pureed it with the strawberries. I used a Bella personal blender and now I know why people are always asking what the best blender is to buy for smoothies. (And what is the best blender? I obviously don’t have a clue as I used the same one I use when I don’t want to share my smoothie.) Anyway, I put a little milk in mine to give it a good consistency. ‘t want to use milk you can use water and a bit of honey. I didn’t use any sweeteners because I want this as a base for smoothies OR milkshakes. Once everything was pureed I poured the base into my ice cube trays and froze them.

I made milkshakes the other day: two scoops of vanilla ice cream, a little milk to get it all moving and two of my base cubes. So yummy!

I do like smoothies in the morning so I will be popping two cubes in with some honey and a handful of spinach.

Have a great day!

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