Garage Sale Days of Summer

I absolutely love to garage sale! Sometimes you find squat but other times you can come out feeling like you won the lottery.  I love those moments.  The last big garage sale day I found a pretty green glass pot, a Homer Laughlin teapot, a glass soap dish, some pretty doilies, a side table, two glass lamps and a boogie board for $30.00. I totally felt like I won the lottery! The lamps and the side table were the best – $2.00 for both lamps and $5.00 for the side table. The side table came with a couple of little baskets too. Such a score! The little table was claimed by my youngest and he now has a Pokemon /candy/star wars theme going on with it. For now I’m okay with that, he has everything displayed artfully.

The teapot was such a pretty find and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

The teapot

The teapot

The windchime

The windchime

I sent this teapot to my mom as a birthday gift and I included a little succulent to plant in the top. I know this will love lovely in her garden.

Thanks for stopping by ~ lauraj

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