Monday Monday…

After a whirlwind weekend all I can wonder is how did Monday get here so quickly? And it is almost May?!? And it is roasting outside, and the pool is not open yet. Sigh.

This weekend was spent watch a soccer game, shopping, cleaning and cooking up some pork loin for dinner tonight and later this week. I should have baked a quick bread while I was at it but it was so dang hot yesterday. I am thankful for longer days of sun. It is definitely a picker-upper to have so much sunshine.

Today we are going to put our tomato plants and a few of our *gasp* wilted flowers in the planters. My patio is a sad, sad sight but I spent yesterday gathering up the recycling and now I need to give it a good sweep. A few of my future projects are on the patio waiting for a makeover. I have a blue lamp with a definite 80’s vibe and a crooked lampshade, an old dresser and some shelving that all needs something to perk it up.

I hope you are having a great Monday! I am off to purchase some cilantro, tomatoes and tortillas for my carnitas taco dinner ~ YUM!

~ lauraj


2 thoughts on “Monday Monday…

  1. Oh that sounds wonderful! I’m woefully behind on my gardening this year, but hope to get some done this weekend. 🙂 Have a great day!


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