Finally Friday!

I am so happy that it is Friday! This week flew by and I am hoping to get some much needed cleaning out of the way. I am also looking forward to memorizing some basic code for my site. I had so many great posts but was unable to get my content to show up properly. I was able to update a new page: my blogroll! Here you will find the blogs I enjoying reading on a daily basis. A good blog can really make my day.

Sometime this weekend I am hoping to take time to go to the beach. We live close to Santa Cruz. Here is a snapshot.

Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun


2 thoughts on “Finally Friday!

  1. Lucky you to have such beautiful scenery in such close proximity! My family lived close to the beach when I was a child, and scenes like that make me wish we had never left. 🙂


    • Unfortunately we ended up cleaning for most of the weekend. Oh well, at least I’m close. I do like that I can pop over but the cost of living makes me question whether or not it is truly worth it.

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