Wednesday ~

Well, Monday was not a very productive day. I mostly sat around in a state of shock and disbelief after the bombing at the Boston Marathon. So sad. I have run the NIKE women’s ½ marathon in San Francisco and I know first hand the joy of the race. By the end you are mentally and physically spent but yet you are full of a sense of accomplishment and joy. Knowing that fellow runners were deprived of the joy in the race, deprived of feeling secure and free and getting to the end to find that family and friends that were waiting to congratulate you were killed or maimed is just unbearable. The thought of the youngest victim dying after hugging his dad just crushed my spirits.

And so I picked myself up, and hugged my little boy. I cannot fathom the amount of hate one must have to hurt so many people. Out of this tragedy I feel disgust that fellow humans could be capable of such evil. However, that disgust and tendency to doubt my fellow humans was replaced with admiration. Admiration that even in the face of a terrifying event, people turned to their fellow man to help. You can see in the videos it was immediate. The bomb went off and folks ran to where it went off, not away. Folks that were in the areas that were hit were rolling over to give comfort to others that were hurt. In this act of compassion I feel hope in humanity and I know that goodness and kindness will ALWAYS beat evil in the end.


~ lauraj


One thought on “Wednesday ~

  1. Well said. I have never run a marathon, 1/2 marathon, or even a 5K, but I can imagine how horrified the participants must have been, thinking you that they would be facing loving arms, only to be confronted by a nightmare.


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