Monday Monday…

After a whirlwind weekend all I can wonder is how did Monday get here so quickly? And it is almost May?!? And it is roasting outside, and the pool is not open yet. Sigh.

This weekend was spent watch a soccer game, shopping, cleaning and cooking up some pork loin for dinner tonight and later this week. I should have baked a quick bread while I was at it but it was so dang hot yesterday. I am thankful for longer days of sun. It is definitely a picker-upper to have so much sunshine.

Today we are going to put our tomato plants and a few of our *gasp* wilted flowers in the planters. My patio is a sad, sad sight but I spent yesterday gathering up the recycling and now I need to give it a good sweep. A few of my future projects are on the patio waiting for a makeover. I have a blue lamp with a definite 80’s vibe and a crooked lampshade, an old dresser and some shelving that all needs something to perk it up.

I hope you are having a great Monday! I am off to purchase some cilantro, tomatoes and tortillas for my carnitas taco dinner ~ YUM!

~ lauraj


A little of this, a little of that

Today my little guy had a soccer game. It was an afternoon game and the weather was so nice. After I needed to buy some chalk paint so we took a little trip to nearby Willow Glen in San Jose. I have never been downtown before and it was so cute! Here are some snapshots of what we saw.



And for lunch, Pizza my Heart. Seriously the best pizza ever 🙂


Hope you are having a great weekend! ~ lauraj

Finally Friday!

I am so happy that it is Friday! This week flew by and I am hoping to get some much needed cleaning out of the way. I am also looking forward to memorizing some basic code for my site. I had so many great posts but was unable to get my content to show up properly. I was able to update a new page: my blogroll! Here you will find the blogs I enjoying reading on a daily basis. A good blog can really make my day.

Sometime this weekend I am hoping to take time to go to the beach. We live close to Santa Cruz. Here is a snapshot.

Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun

Wednesday ~

Well, Monday was not a very productive day. I mostly sat around in a state of shock and disbelief after the bombing at the Boston Marathon. So sad. I have run the NIKE women’s ½ marathon in San Francisco and I know first hand the joy of the race. By the end you are mentally and physically spent but yet you are full of a sense of accomplishment and joy. Knowing that fellow runners were deprived of the joy in the race, deprived of feeling secure and free and getting to the end to find that family and friends that were waiting to congratulate you were killed or maimed is just unbearable. The thought of the youngest victim dying after hugging his dad just crushed my spirits.

And so I picked myself up, and hugged my little boy. I cannot fathom the amount of hate one must have to hurt so many people. Out of this tragedy I feel disgust that fellow humans could be capable of such evil. However, that disgust and tendency to doubt my fellow humans was replaced with admiration. Admiration that even in the face of a terrifying event, people turned to their fellow man to help. You can see in the videos it was immediate. The bomb went off and folks ran to where it went off, not away. Folks that were in the areas that were hit were rolling over to give comfort to others that were hurt. In this act of compassion I feel hope in humanity and I know that goodness and kindness will ALWAYS beat evil in the end.


~ lauraj

Here we are in April and it is still Sweater Weather

The sun has been making a small appearance here and there but it is just not enough for me to ditch my cozy sweaters and wraps. I live in central California and it should be warmer by now. The lack of warmth has me painting my new project a sunny yellow. My etsy searches are full of words like “French”, “yellow” and “blue”. My pinterest searches have been mostly about fruit and positive sayings. I guess I will just have to be patient.

Anyhow, I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning around the house and am in the process of weeding through all my clothing. I have kept plenty of things that are out of style or do not fit because I keep thinking I will make something out of them. This sweater is a good example. I have been holding on to it for, well, I probably shouldn’t say…


This week I ripped the stitches out and cut it up. I made an infinity scarf of sorts. It isn’t a long one that you can double wrap; there just was not enough sweater to do that. I thought about combining another sweater or material with it but did not like anything mixed with it. Here is how it turned out.


Now I can be cozy without overheating and I do not have the sweater taking up room in my house anymore.

Thanks for stopping by~ lauraj

A Long Week, eBay and How I Put Some Things on Consignment

Last week I shared that I was a bit under the weather. I am happy to report I am finally starting to get back to normal, though I am still unusually tired.

This week eBay has a promotion where you can list several items for free! I took advantage and it looks like some of my cast-offs will soon have new homes. Yay, more space and money for me! If you have time and stuff taking up space this might be something you may want to look into. Free listings? What do you have to lose? I will add that I used the eBay app for the iphone and it was way easier than using my computer ever was. You just snap the photos with your phone, type up your description and list. I’m not sure if android has this same type of app but I would be surprised if they did not.

On to the last part of what I have been up to. My mother makes some fabulous jewelry and I had her send me some to see how it would sell in sunny California instead of Idaho. (not to imply that Idaho is never sunny 😉 )




I took the pieces and an inventory sheet into a local consignment shop, told the shop owner the terms and she agreed to take my items for a 30% commission. Easy peasy, right? Well, not so much. First, she never merchandised my earrings. She left them in the baggies and dumped them in a teacup where they were not so noticeable. Then when I went to pick up my unsold items she shorted me $5.00 and my most expensive item was not in the box instead another vendors necklace was in it’s place. I brought this to her attention, gave the necklace back and she said she would get back to me. She texted me a message saying she sold the necklace and had some money for me. Now the problem is that the money she has for me is way less than what it should be. Grrr. Consigning your handmade goods does not seem to be as easy as I had initially thought. Even so, I think I will hunt for a new location and try again. Anyone have any advice?

A Bad Beginning…

This past week or so has not gone according to plan. At all. First my iPhone died and I lost ALL my data. Then I contracted some awful food poisoning. I can only guess food poisoning because my youngest is fine. Although we ate all the same foods…

Anyhow, I have barely had enough energy to get out of my bed these last few days and have realized my youngest child, who is eight, is fairly helpless when it comes to feeding himself. After shouting directions for how to use the toaster to cook frozen waffles I have come to the conclusion that once I am better I need to cook a meal with him at least once a week so he can carry on should this happen again.

Before I became ill I started working on a mail center revamp. You know, those letter holder organizer things. I’m hoping to have pictures of it up later this week.