WordPress for Dummies and a cute kitty!

I hope your Tuesday went well. Mine had a bumpy start. I stayed up a little too late last night and woke up a little too early to make a special breakfast. Late and early do not mix. Sigh.

Anyway, I have been having lots of fun writing my little blog. But, I am not too happy with the layout. It is not as cute as I would like it to be. I know HTML but learning all the different tools and how to utilize them is new to me. I have turned to the WordPress for Dummies book for tips. So far all of my posts have been made via my phone or my Kindle. I am going to be getting a laptop soon so hopefully that will make managing my content easier. I know most of my problems are newbie problems and I am sure I will work through them. I hope the book has some good tips!

My other issue is pictures. Because I have been using my phone and my Kindle for content I have not used my SLR camera for photos. I know once I get a new laptop this will change.

And now, the cute kitty! Isn’t this picture just adorable! I can still remember when my kitty was this small and would snuggle on my neck. Sigh, they grow so fast.

Have a wonderful rest of the day! ~ lauraj

8 thoughts on “WordPress for Dummies and a cute kitty!

  1. That is hard to resist. I cannot breathe around cats but that would be a battle. I love all the babies and this is such a baby.

  2. Hi Laura, I learned SO MUCH on the WordPress support site. Start here
    and in the search box in the left hand column where it says “Search the Support Forums”, just type what you’re looking for help with (i.e. “how to add a subscribe button”). You will be amazed at the help you’ll find there. And if you don’t find specific answers to your question, you can start a new thread. Be sure you give them your blog address, so they can give you answers specific to your blog. I would also suggest using Firefox and installing Firebug to tinker with your blog. I don’t normally use Firefox, but I open it up whenever I need to make changes to my blog. It’s a little tricky to navigate when you first start, but once you get the hang of it, it makes it SO easy to figure out how to make changes. Good luck!


    • Oh thank you! I can do some programming as well but I really liked how I didn’t have to think too much to link up to a Pinterest pin. And Etsy totally threw me off. I will email you when I get totally stuck 😉

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