The Muumuu Project – Part 1

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was filled with The Sound of Music, literally. My youngest watched The Sound of Music with me and sang “My Favorite Things” all weekend long. Such a great movie! My son asked if anyone had ever redone the movie and I looked at him with shock. I don’t think anyone could redo this movie, ever. They should just re-release it in theaters every ten years or so.

On Friday I said I would be sharing an upcyle of a huge muumuu I bought. I am going to have to share in two posts. The original project needed something extra that I did not have on hand so a trip to JoAnne fabrics is on the roster for today. I did manage to get something else made out of the dress. I am super excited about how it turned out…

A clutch! I love a little clutch instead of a big purse for times when I am just running into the store or am out at a market. I like to keep my essential cards, some change and a lip balm in mine. I have enough material left over to make another one.

Here is the before:

The Muumuu

The Muumuu

Here is the after:

Have a great Monday ~ lauraj

4 thoughts on “The Muumuu Project – Part 1

  1. Great job! I know a lot of people buy clothing at resale shops to turn into other things, but my mind never seems to be able to come up with anything, so I’ve never done that. Bravo to you, the clutch turned out really cute!


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