Don’t Let the Pigeon eat all the Cake!

This past weekend my little boy was invited to a birthday party.  Birthday parties are not ideal when you are feeling the pinch in your wallet.  So I tried to be creative, after all anything I buy at the store is mass produced and unoriginal anyway, right?  I scoured Pinterest looking for gift ideas for a little boy.  None of it was appealing (sorry) so I set to work asking my son (and making some suggestions) what his friend would like. A cape and mask set? Hmmm, I do not have enough fabric. Otherwise this would have been perfect.  I know, a decorated t-shirt!

So we grabbed one of my son’s favorite books and I went to work.  I traced the outlines of the character and the word bubble.  I then reminded myself that I need to purchase a BLACK fabric marker.  The set I have is very limited.  Five colors to be exact – red, purple, blue, green and yellow.  Once I finished the outline we realized that I did not have the right color for the pigeon. But then I remembered I had some puffy paints, and while not exactly the right color it would work.

I was pretty happy with the puffy paint as it had glitter, yay! (And the glitter was approved by my son.) Because I did not want the design on the t-shirt to be puffy I just painted the puffy paint on with a paintbrush.  This actually turned out nice because the drying time was significantly cut down. Another yay! (Since I, of course, waited until the last minute.)

Don't let the Pigeon eat the cake

At the end of last year’s summer season Michaels had a grab bag sale and I scored 12 beach buckets with shovels attached, a stack of hand puppet tattoos and other miscellaneous things for $3.00.  My son picked out a blue bucket, some hand tattoos and an alligator that grows a bazillion times the original size.  I wrapped up the t-shirt and included it in the bucket.  The birthday boy loved it!

Have a great week! ~ laura j

One thought on “Don’t Let the Pigeon eat all the Cake!

  1. I love the shirt! That is so much better than the ones available that everyone has. You are clever and creative. Have you thought about going into graphic arts when your little one gets big? I think you would make amazing fabrics.

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